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Working Llamas

What is a working llama? It is a llama that has a job... pulling a cart or wagon, carrying a pack to camp, as a hunting partner, visiting the ill or the old, show ring, 4H project, doing tricks for large or small audiences, growing fiber for spinning, guarding livestock, becoming meat, or even just a companion for the owner.

My husband and I have/had several llamas and many of them pull and pack. I love llamas and am blessed to have them. I had wanted a llama for quite some time before it became a reality. I am learning to spin with a drop spindle and a Navajo spindle but packing and pulling are really why I wanted the llamas.

We hope you will enjoy the pages of this site. I have tried to write my ideas and information as easy to read as I could. I hope that these pages might encourage you to do more with your llamas then just leave them out as pasture flowers. Llamas are a joy to work with and to be with. They each have a distinct personality and I think a sense of humor.

Keeping a llama usually cost less then keeping a family dog, and llamas are quieter then dogs. A llama may not curl up in the bed with your for a long winter's nap, but boy your llama will sure go camping with you and enjoy the trail with you.

I make my own equipment for my animals and even sell some of the items. I do sell Llama Day Packs and halter tassles. I hope you will have a look at our On Line Store, not only at our Llama items, but our other species items too. Most of the items I make are made in our non smoking, SD home using patterns and ideas all my own. Many of the items you will not find anywhere else.

Marna Kazmaier -

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