There are many jobs a llama can do. Some llamas have more then one job. Working Llamas are happy llamas. Please check back often to this new site as we will be working on and adding to it frequently.


Choose a pack for your llama. Make sure it is in good repair and will fit your animal. Your packing llama should already be walking with you on a lead and calm on the trail. For light packing or day packing almost any llama that is handleable will be more then happy to take short hikes with you. For heavy weight packs and or long trips a llama needs to have a good working attitude and be built for the job.

I have a full page on packing with llamas and how to train them here at this site.

(more to come)


Llamas, when well trained, can and do make wonderful cart and wagon animals. Llamas catch on relatively easily to pulling. they spook less then most equine and are a joy to watch working as they pull a cart at a trot.

You will need the correct sized cart and harness for training your animal to pull. Not any ole cart will work or be safe for the animal or the trainer. I have a page here about training your llamas to pull and to drive, check the right hand side menu for more information.


I am working on a page here. There is much to know on this subject and writing it all out, well, that will take some time too. LOL


I am appalled that people think that any llama will guard their sheep or other animals. This is not true.

I actually had a guy tell me that he bought a llama to guard his sheep and he had to shoot it cause it did not do the job right. WHAT A SHAME! AN INNOCENT ANIMAL DIED BECAUSE THIS PERSON DID NOT PICK UP A BOOK OR VISIT A LLAMA SITE AND READ THE REQUIREMENTS OF A GUARD LLAMA.


It might surprise you to find out that there is more to growing fiber to spin then just owning a llama out in the field. Food and feeding your llama properly plays a big part on the fiber you will harvest.

Harvesting the fiber might be a bigger job then one thinks too. LOL Most llamas are harder to shear then sheep.(more to come)


You really won't train your meat llamas, but you sure will need to feed them right.


Breeding is working. If you are hoping for your studs to be fertile and your females to conceive, and your babies to flourish, then you must take good care of your animals.

What are you breeding for? Showing? Packing animals? Pulling? Whatever you are trying to breed for, that is the type of animals you should start with. Buy the best animals you can afford from someone that has the type of llamas you are wanting to procreate. In other words, do not by tall, thin llamas if you are wanting to breed packing llamas. Don't buy pets/companion animals to use to breed conformation show animals.

Breeding animals need not only the best nutritional care, but also exercise as well as socialization with humans. You will need to be able to catch and handle your animals when breeding season comes.


Companion can mean, pet. But it can also mean so much more.


A therapy llama should be a llama that is calm and walks well on a leash or lead rope. This animal should be a good pet. Not every animal can be a Therapy Animal. All that do make visits should have calm attributes as well as be well trained and house broken. Llamas can be taught to poop on command, this is a good way to assure that the llama will not make a mess in the indoor area it will be visiting. (more to come)


Spend time with your llama. Take it for walks, give it treats for good behavior, treat it well. Soon you will have a good bond between the two of you and your llama will be a great pet for you.

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