I have some fun items that I have collected with llamas on them. I will be adding more photos soon. Many people collect all sorts of things with llamas on them... stamps, jewelry, toys. I enjoy just about any kind of stuff with llamas on them, or llama shaped items.

llamaearrings 2006-04-13.jpg
Soon, when I can find more that I like I will have more pictures of llama earrings on this page. Wink

llama4occarina  2006-04-13.jpg
This is an Ocarina whistle. It made out of clay and I just love it. I have learned how to play. Finding a music book for a FOUR hole Ocarina is not easy either. I also wear this as a necklace.

llamaoccarina  2006-04-13.jpg
I also have these larger clay Ocarinas with llamas on them (as well as a few others) that I really enjoy. Each has a different tone. My non-musical husband has even learned to play an Ocarina.

schleichllama 2006-04-13.jpg
This company has many different medium hard animal figures. They have become collectible. I was glad to see the llama!!

cokecolallama 2006-04-25.jpg
I love this little stuffed llama. My husband bought it for me.

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