Llama Items For Sale

Thank you for looking at our Llama Items For Sale. We will be adding more soon. This is a brand new site and we do try to work on it often. Please visit Marna's Menagerie where you can see many types of animal items for sale.

sheboyganmidas 2005-07-31.jpg
I make and sell South American print heavey weight Day Packs. The packs have a strap around the chest and around the waist. The Day Packs are approx. 18" x 19".

$48.00 each

jokertassels 2005-07-20.jpg
These fleece tassles are also hand made and come in a varity of prints and solids. The have a 1" clip so that they will clip to llamas halters. These come in sets of two. You could put two tassels on two llamas or one tassel on two llamas halters by hooking the tassle under the llamas chin. We can and do make these to match our Day Packs.

$4.50 per set of two

jokerfoxpacking 2005-07-06.jpg
We will be adding a better picture later, but for right now, this is what I have. LOL I hand make and sell these yarn tassles in many colors in solid and multicolors. Each tassle has a one inch clip for attaching to the llamas halter. They come in a set of two, one for each sied of one llamas halter or one for each of two llamas halters if placed uner the chin. We can and do make the tassels to match our Day Packs.

$4.50 per set of two

farmerfiddler 2005-08-30.jpg newhome 2005-10-23.jpg
These cute blue jean Day Packs can be made for your llama and or your goats. These are made with a variety of fabrics for the yoke of the pack. They have two straps, one at the chest and the other under the waist. The straps close with a black side release buckle. The pockets on the bluejeans are fully functional and make a great place for carrying small items. The goat blue jean packs come with a straw hat that stays on the goat's head with elastic and has a hat band to match the fabric used for the packs yoke.

$37.00 each per Llama Day Pack

$32.00 each per Goat Day Pack

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